Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Last of the summer scarves....

The appeal of the handpicked scarves lasted throughout the summer and I now need to make some space for MORE!
These are the gorgeous, lightweight, printed, oversized scarves I have a few of left....

Find them on the website HERE
............and here’s a great example of how to wear them (thanks to the lovely Danielle!)

............and here’s proof that you can still learn from your Mother (even at the ripe old age of 29!) she taught me this great new way to wear my scarf..........

If this is new to you too, this is (me trying to explain!) how you do it ........
Loop the scarf once around your neck like the examples photographed above (just imagine your neck inside them!)  Then on your left side – with your left hand – split the ‘loop and the ‘tail’ inside the loop (keep the loopy bit on top) this creates a gap to thread the right hand ‘tail’ through from back to front!
Voila! (hope that make sense and you’re not currently tangled up in your beautiful scarf?!)
It creates a plait type effect and means that your scarf stays put!

Monday, 23 September 2013

A summer summary...

Hi! Well, it’s been a while – sorry about that!  

My last blog post was MARCH!!! So we have a lot of catching up to do!  I haven’t disappeared and I have been working hard – honest!  I just haven’t had the time to sit and write posts (lately due to enjoying the summer weather)  I have managed to keep posting on facebook (see here) as that’s a little more short and sweet!

So, I’ll bring you up to date ........

Back in March TheEve Appeal bracelets were really well received and raised over £100.  They were then featured in the charity newsletter –which resulted in another flurry too!  I’m really touched by the response and thank you to everyone that got involved.

I stood at the Derbyshire Food and Drink Fair for the first time in May.  This was a great event (far too many delicious food distractions though!) It did require me to think about my stall design a little differently as I had a little ’booth’ rather than just table space.  I dream about how amazing my stand could look if only I had a van/lorry – but I don’t, I have a Ford Ka so my plan was to have a background of sheer(ish) fabric or net and this was the result................

I also did a fab jewellery making party for a lovely group of 11 year olds.  I really enjoyed this (think they did too!) I desperately want to get back into teaching and hope to be able to focus on this soon!

June was the marathon 3 day Patchings Festival.  It was my second time at this event (I missed last year as my little girl was still little!) This year the weather was very kind to us and there were some great exhibitors and visitors – I left feeling very inspired and looking forward to next year!

July was the fabuousplaces.co.ukhttp://www.fabulousplaces.co.uk/ Summer Market.  It was as usual amazing (despite being red hot and on the same day was the Men’s Wimbledon final!) Looking forward to the Christmas Market now!

In August I did my last summer fair of the year at Kedleston Hall – again lots of lovely people and a gorgeous setting!

September sees me preparing for Christmas EEK!

Promise to keep you posted!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Make Time For Tea...


We may be nearly half way through the month already but better late than never hey?!

Did you know that March is ovarian cancer awareness month?  I’m hoping to raise awareness  and some money by taking part in The Eve Appeal’s campaign – ‘Make Time For Tea’.

The Eve Appeal raise funds for research into gynaecological cancers - something that has touched my family. The idea of their ‘Make Time For Tea’ campaign is to hold a tea party but I thought I could put my skills to good used and create some limited edition jewellery – with a tea party theme.

I sourced some lovely bracelets and a selection of fabulous beads and charms....

made some bracelets....

and decided on some special packaging.....

I made a few to start with and set myself a little target but after putting the pictures on my facebook page and The Eve Appeal very kindly sharing a picture on their page I was inundated!

The response has been amazing and I am so grateful to everyone for their support. The bracelets are £8.00 each (with FREE postage!) and 30% from every bracelet sold will go to The Eve Appeal. To see the full collection of designs on offer see the album on the Tattered Rose facebook page HERE.  The bracelets will be available throughout March and please feel free to contact me if you’d like one – rachel@tatteredrose.co.uk

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Spring Fair 2013

So off I went to the Spring Fair trade show - armed with my heavily researched list of stands to visit, notepad and pen!  I stuck to just a couple of halls – for anyone not familiar with this event, it’s huge! Luckily for me there was a specialist jewellery fair on too next door – bonus!  

I was overwhelmed with all of the things on display! There was so much to look at - with something to see at every turn.  I quickly ticked off the must see stands from my list and then had a wander around the rest of the fair.  I was pleased to time things right and be able to see one of the catwalk shows – a specific accessory trends show.  I was interested to see how accessories would be presented on a catwalk as they are often there to support the main event not to be the stars of the show – I was very impressed and enjoyed seeing lots of beautiful things!  I was even more impressed that they finished the show with a selection of looks that featured pastel shades with a vintage edge, just what I’ve been working on myself!

Oh, and I also managed to listen to a Q & A session with Kirsty Allsopp -  I knew she was at the fair on that day but I didn't think I could make any of the things she featured in due to time - so when I walked around the corner and saw her chatting away I stayed to listen - and very interesting it was too! 

I left the fair with my head bursting with ideas and information, there was so much colour and inspiration everywhere!