Friday, 29 January 2010

Simple shades

Here's another lace pendant, this one is 1"x 3". I think this works well as a long necklace, It looks elegant just on chain with 3 different Swarovski crystal either side. I used Blue Zircon, Indicolite and Indian Sapphire, each one picks out a different shade in the lace. They don't photograph all that well as you don't get the full effect of seeing through the pendant.

I've discovered some scraps of gorgeous lace in vintage rose colours so they are next on the list. I've also re-discovered an old book that has lovely tatty yellowed pages so i fancy a go at some collage pendants.......there aren't enough hours in the day!


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  2. *waves* ello mrs, can't wait to see the college pendants!
    (zut alors, was so excited I left duplicate comments!)

  3. the collage pendants sound interesting......I'll watch out for pictures.