Monday, 24 May 2010

Other gorgeous jewellery...

Mother and I fell in love with these earrings by Nina Carolyn at the Summer Fete. I chose these oxidised ones while Mum went for the shiny silver (we took it in turns to keep going and having a look at her stall!) As some of you may know I do like to wear long dangly earrings, however, these studs are perfect for when my ears get a little tired! I've had lots of lovely comments on them every time I've worn them. Nina's jewellery is gorgeous, it's so simple but so effective. I love her chunky bracelets that use a mixture of sterling silver and resin, something I've never seen before.


  1. My earrings have attracted comments too. She has an unusual style - I just liked everything I saw!!

  2. Anyone know what's happened to Nina Carolyn? Her website no longer exists. I desperately want to buy a bangle from her to replace one I lost which was a gift from my brother and sister for my 40th.