Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tattered Rose's tatty roses...

I've seen this technique on various crafty blogs recently and I've been wanting to try it out for ages.  I finally had chance to play and I really like them.  I had to be patient though (not one of my strong points!) as it involves soaking the paper and waiting for it to dry naturally - which takes a long time!
I think they make really good rosettes for gifts...

Can't wait to try some more in different colours and maybe see how patterened paper works.


  1. Hey hun Thanks for the lovely comment hun, Loving your Tatty Roses, they too cute!!
    WE share a similar taste in style methinks!!
    Pressed the follow button so that I can see more of your creations!!
    Annie x

  2. Hi, thanks! I agree and I'm looking forward to seeing the products from your new venture! x

  3. Love the tatty roses - great for gift box tops.