Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday Sparkle #3

It's been a busy week which has certainly taken it's toll on me! I got struck down with a nasty bug halfway through the week but thanks to my dedicated team of helpers (Mum, Dad and Mr B) everything turned out fine and Tattered Rose did go to the ball! Well..............Blackbrook House! (pictures next week!) 
Anyway, I have a great way to finish the week off..............
I'm currently preparing for a consultation with a very special bride.  I wonder if one of these lovely pieces will catch her eye? I feel very privileged as I will get to see 'THE DRESS' and as every girl knows, this is VERY exciting!
So I'm looking forward to an afternoon of tea, girly chat and lots of sparkle!


  1. You're a real magpie - seeking out these lovely sparkly pieces. They are bound to please!


  2. You can't beat a bit of sparkle! These pieces are gorgeous; I think the middle one is my favourite :o)

  3. Thanks, I have a soft spot for the dark flower, think it would look great in blonde hair!!!