Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lovely Lisboa......

I’ve just returned from a short break in Lisbon, Portugal.
Myself and Mr B had a fabulous time in a great city.  We walked lots, ate lots and (I) photographed lots!  I took 2 cameras and took a total of 240 (ish) photos – not bad for 4 days!
Our hotel was amazing.  We stayed at LX Boutique Hotel, they have some great photos on their website and here are some I took of our room – on the Fado floor (traditional Portugese music)............

The city is a very eclectic mix of old and new.  The buildings are tall with multiple windows surrounded by traditional patterned tiles and decorative ironwork railings around the balconies.  The facades are old, imperfect and dare I say it ............tatty (just the way I like them!)  

Like many European cities there is a lot of graffiti, quite a bit of it is mindless tagging but some sections of the city have embraced this ‘culture’ and used modern style murals to decorate the many derelict buildings, like the one next to our hotel......

One thing that proved a little tricky was the pavements!  They were lovely, sort of mini cobbles but very uneven and highly polished – not ideal for flip flops let alone 4 inch sling backs!  Good job I took a pair of wedges (also 4 inch but far less likely to get stuck between the cobbles!)

We made the most of our time there, visiting the castle, the beach at Estoril and the amazing Christo Rei monument, inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (which is on my list of things to see!!)

There was also a great selection of handmade products, on stalls and in the gorgeous little shops that we just seemed to stumble across.  On lovely lady had a stall selling things made from recycled packaging...earrings and brooches made from squashed espresso cartons, purses and wallets made from toothpaste tubes and even orange skins ( literally cut in half with a zip stitched in!) I got something for myself and she let me take some photos of her amazing stall.....

So there was a selection of the vast amount of photos I took, I hope you enjoy having a look! x

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  1. It looks a lovely place to visit.
    Trust you to find the craft stalls!!!