Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding de-brief!

What a day!  The build up to the big day was amazing, I was full of excitement and anticipation as well as keeping my fingers crossed for the weather!
I had arranged to watch the coverage (from 8am with a 10 minute break for travelling!) at my Mum's house, I knew she shared my feelings and general giddy-ness for the whole event (not sure what my Dad thought of us though!)
I was glued to the TV from the start, watching all of the guests arrive, seeing their fabulous outfits with amazing hats and fascinators.  A selection of my favourites.......Victoria Beckham-maybe controversial but I loved what she chose to wear, Sophie, Countess of Wessex-love the embroidered sleeves and skinny belt.
Images from hellomagazine.com
and of course, there's Pippa! I was a little shocked to see her dress was white but it complemented the brides dress and suited Pippa brilliantly.
I was beside myself as Catherine revealed her gorgeous dress, the perfect choice, timeless but not boring and simple but with beautiful subtle details.  I have yet to see a close up version of the back of the dress without the veil in the way; it looks to have some pleats which I very much like the sound of!

Images from hellomagazine.com
The service in the abbey was amazing, the choir was fantastic and Mum and I (almost) sat in silence the whole way through, taken by the music and absorbing the moment.
Mum and I then had our own afternoon tea, I think we had as much fun preparing it and seeing how pretty it looked as we did eating it (plus, why do sanwiches taste better in triangle form??!) see pics below.....
 We continued to watch the coverage and loved every second, including the decorated Aston Martin!  I was only a little bit jealous of the people down in London who were actually there, especially when I see photographs like these by Fanni Williams of Fubumedia.  She captured the whole day perfectly and these images will be ones to treasure for a very long time.
Well now is the time for me to get my head out of the clouds, stop dreaming of princes and princesses and get on with some real work!!  It was nice while it lasted though!
Congratulations William and Catherine x

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  1. What lovely sentiments, Rachel.
    A truly wonderful day!!!