Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ta da................!

The hair comb for the 'prom queen to be' is finished!
I really enjoyed creating this one, it includes two of my favourite things, Swarovski crystals and vintage style filigree!  The dress that this piece will be co-ordinating with is a gorgeous column style in the most beautiful dip dyed shades of fuchsia and amethyst.  It has some gorgeous beaded detail and I've managed to match the iridesecnt bugles on the comb to the ones on the dress, perfect!
When designing this piece, I went all technical! Instead of putting pen to paper, I put finger to computer and ended up with this...........
As the central part of the piece is made up of 4 separate components all layered up, I wanted to have an idea of how they would sit together before I took the plunge! (It also allowed me to show the future prom queen and check I was on the right track with style, colour etc)
Well I can report that she loves it, so it's getting boxed up and it will be on its way!


  1. I love it too - it's gorgeous:)


  2. I bow to your extraordinary talents! That's amazing!