Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A coral injection....

I’ve wanted to add some colour to the decor in our lounge for a while but I’ve struggled to decide which colour to choose!  It’s really a blank canvas as the walls and furniture are very neutral, which was lovely to start with but now I’m a little bored.  

 I narrowed my choices down to 4 colours, first was lime green but my Mum already has that combination and I see it often enough so it wouldn’t really be a change! Next was duck egg blue, pretty but a little pale and may not show up very well.  Another choice was teal but it’s only a small room and I thought this may be a little too intense.  I did also think pink (but never mentioned this to Mr B!) all the pink things I saw were more’ bedroomy’ though.  So yesterday while out shopping (not for cushions!) with my Mum, I spotted a gorgeous collection of coral cushions, as coral is my all time favourite colour, it just made sense to buy them (and they were in the was meant to be!!)  

I was a little nervous about Mr B’s reaction but I didn’t need to worry as he loved them! He was more worried that I had covered the lounge floor with buttons while searching for the perfect coral shades to replace the neutral button collage frames I have on the wall!

I think I may need a couple more little bits to go around the room and then the coral injection will be complete!


  1. A lovely colour - one of my favourites too;-)

    Love the button box collages.


  2. that is so cute! where did you find them?