Sunday, 19 June 2011

For my Dad....

I went to see my parents today, as we usually do on a Sunday. 

When we arrived he was doing typical ‘Dad’ jobs in the garage, just as I remember him doing when I lived at home!  He is a very clever man, great at woodwork and fashioning all sorts of devices for around the home!  He’s also very much like myself (as I am now realising more and more!) not only in looks but in personality too, we are both quite quiet, semi perfectionists (not as bad as Mum!!) there’s a little bit of a control freak in there and a hint of temper! However he is fabulous and has helped me many times and in more ways than he probably knows, including walking me down the aisle on my wedding day.............perfect!

Here is the card I created for him.  He may be in his 60’s (don’t think he’ll mind me saying that!) but he’s a very trendy Dad so I thought he’s appreciate the simplicity of this design.........

So I hope you had a good day Dad (and finished all of your jobs in the garage!!) xx


  1. WELL - I'm speechless!!

    What a lovely tribute to your dad - it brought on the tears.


  2. Ah, thanks. I was in tears writing soppy! x