Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Sparkle #18

Better late than never??!!

You may have seen this photo before.   I created these necklaces after being asked for some jewellery in a similar style to the hair accessories I make.  I wanted to make something that made a statement, was a little different and incorporated vintage pieces.

They have been a great success and I’ve had some really good feedback on them.   One particular bride loved the grey sparkly version (I really should come up with names for them, but then if I did that I might not want to part with them!) however she didn’t love the flower feature.  As I make everything myself, from scratch it was no problem to change it for her.  She explained what she would prefer instead, and chose to add a delicate filigree heart charm to the side.  So this is how it looks now....

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A perfect summer weekend...

I’ve just about recovered from the Fabulous Places Summer Food and Gift Fair last weekend!  I did take my camera along as usual but then I came across these photos by Derby Daily Photo, which are far better than mine and capture the day perfectly...

Have a look here on their facebook page.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Sparkle #17

Well, not sure if I can get away with this post as a Friday Sparkle but here goes.............(stick with it!)
So what's sparkling I hear you ask? well, the Swarovski crystals on the freshly packed up pendants and cards, the polished glass in the button box frames, the treats and trinkets on the vinatge style long necklaces................etc!
All of the above and more will be on my stall over the weekend at the Fabulous Places Summer Food and Gift Fair.  It runs from 11am - 4pm on Saturday and Sunday with the Wimbledon finals being screened, so there's no missing out on the tennis action!
I'm now off for an early night to ensure I sparkle tomorrow too!!