Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Sparkle returns...

A different kind of sparkle...

Friday Sparkle returns! With the brightest sparkle of them Mum!
It’s her birthday today so Happy Birthday Mum if you’re reading this! (and Happy Birthday to twin sister, my auntie Chris too!)
She’s a very special Mum (I’m sure all daughters say that about their own Mum!) but Tattered Rose would certainly not be where it is now without her. 
She’s the sensible voice sitting on my shoulder, the encouragement after a creative drought, the most fabulous craft fair helper and companion (and caterer!) and is going to make a wonderful Nana!
Love you Mum! Xxx

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  1. Mum's are very special - as you have discovered, and will soon find out for yourself!!!!
    What lovely thoughts.