Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Decent at last!

My trusty mannequin (Aileen) finally has some modesty, thanks to the lovely Jackie of Jackie Thompson Couture!  The ‘bodice’ previously worn by her was a rectangle of silk with darts held in place with super sticky double sided tape (it’s only now that I can bring myself to admit that!) It was a rushed job that lasted for a while but it was definitely time for something more permanent!  

Jackie creates fabulous handmade corsets, bodices, dresses and skirts and has been kind enough to produce this piece for me to dress Aileen in.  I met Jackie when I first ventured into the world of weddings at the beginning of this year.  Jackie has lots of experience in the industry and as a fellow creative mind; she has provided me with lots of advice, support and friendship during my first year of business.

(Also in the photo is a piece I am working on at the moment.  It’s part of the Tattered Lace collection and will be on show this Sunday at The Wedding Event with a Difference!)  

You can see Jackie Thompson Couture, myself and lots of other fabulous suppliers on Sunday at the Wedding Event with a Difference in Derby.  It promises to be a fantastic day!


  1. She certainly looks the part now!!
    Have a fab day on Sunday.


  2. Ooh, loving the look of the new lace pieces!!!