Saturday, 29 October 2011

R & R for TR!

Last week, Mr B and I went to visit some of his family up in Cumbria.  We’re very lucky that his family live in such a lovely part of the country!

It was great to see Mr B’s Aunt, Uncle, cousins and the furry members of the family! Most of the time was spent relaxing, drinking (apple) tea and eating Auntie Marg’s famous ginger cake (with butter!)

We did, however, manage to pop out for a day in Keswick (for more tea drinking and cake eating!) I didn’t take many photos which is very unusual for me but here are some I snaps I took on my phone using Instagram...

We did also get the chance to play the odd game of bingo.  Mr B’s Auntie is a pro and can handle about 5 cards at a time! I struggle to keep up with the caller and just have the one............more practice needed I think!

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