Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thinking time...

During the time since little Heidi was born, I may not have had much chance to write blog posts (mainly because the only things I had to write about were feeding babies, sleep patterns, how to entertain a little one or the best place to buy baby clothes............. you get the idea!) but I’ve certainly had time to read lots of blogs and this is something I really enjoy.

I feel I’ve learnt a lot from reading the other blogs I follow, not only have I got some great recipes,  book recommendations and fashion tips but I think I now have a better understanding of what makes for an interesting read.  This has made me re-evaluate my own little blog, it’s direction and it’s purpose.
The things I found drawn to read were mainly personal posts or posts which had a ‘real life’ connection.  This maybe because I’m nosey but hey, what’s the difference between that and watching a soap opera?!! Although I have always managed to sprinkle my mainly business based crafty blog with personal stories and photos,  I sometimes felt a little cheeky bothering you readers with what I did at the weekend or what I saw on holiday!  I have since come to the conclusion that all of these things add up to make me who I am and they often, directly or indirectly, influence my designs and products..............I am Tattered Rose and Tattered Rose is me......deep hey?!

So, getting to the point.....the results of the re-evaluation should be evident soon.  I have a couple of feature ideas up my sleeve and I will no longer hesitate to include news and pictures from life at Tatty Towers!
(I also always like to see a photo or two, no matter how loosely connected they are to the post, hence these images!)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The all important details.......!

So, after the lovely service for Heidi’s christening, we wanted to put on a bit of a spread for everyone.  We were lucky enough to be able to use the room at the back of the church which was pretty much a blank canvas.  I decided We decided to go for a vintage style afternoon tea.   

As with most things I do, this had to be themed, meticulously planned and full of handmade details! 

Here are some photos of the best bits........

The most amazing (inside and out!) cake by Yummy LittleCakes.   I created the topper myself using some mini wooden bunting from Sweet Words Stationary tied onto some skewers wrapped in ribbon.  I stuck glittery letters onto the bunting to spell Heidi.

Fabulous mini cakes on a wonderful collection of cake stands which were kindly on loan to us for the afternoon from various people!

Gorgeous flowers, expertly arranged by my Mum in jam jars with ribbon or lace bows and customised wooden heart tags.

There were lots of other bits, including some wonderful handmade bunting with Heidi’s name appliqu├ęd on, tissue paper pom-poms and a lovely gift/guest book table complete with lace tablecloth and collaged ‘H’.  The whole event when so quickly I hardly had time to talk to everyone let alone take photos, that, added with the fact I now have a baby to think about!

However, it was a perfect day and I will treasure the memories forever.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My little angel...

The reason for the recent lack of blog posts...........

Last week, little miss Heidi turned 5, yes, FIVE months old! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  It was a particularly special weekend as it was her Christening.

It was a gorgeous day and I have many people to thank for making it so perfect............we have a fabulous network of family and friends without which this never would have happened so thank you very much! (you know who you are!)

I had convinced myself throughout my pregnancy that we were expecting a boy so for the best part of nine months I was looking at boys clothing, boys toys and lots of blue.  When Heidi was presented to us in a pink hat it was quite a shock!  I am only just getting my head around the fact that I have a little girl and all of the glorious tea party/dressing up/plaiting hair type activities I have to look forward to in the future!   Anyway, I suddenly realised that Heidi would be able to wear my Christening gown from nearly 30 years ago (ahem!) This is very dear to me as it was handmade by my wonderful Nana who is sadly no longer with us.  It fit Heidi perfectly and she looked beautiful.  

So, as I was christened in January my gown was made of wool and I thought as it was June we may need  a plan B for a hot day. This is Heidi in her change of clothes, a lovely white cotton broderie anglais frilled dress.

Bless her!
More photos of the details to follow.....