Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thinking time...

During the time since little Heidi was born, I may not have had much chance to write blog posts (mainly because the only things I had to write about were feeding babies, sleep patterns, how to entertain a little one or the best place to buy baby clothes............. you get the idea!) but I’ve certainly had time to read lots of blogs and this is something I really enjoy.

I feel I’ve learnt a lot from reading the other blogs I follow, not only have I got some great recipes,  book recommendations and fashion tips but I think I now have a better understanding of what makes for an interesting read.  This has made me re-evaluate my own little blog, it’s direction and it’s purpose.
The things I found drawn to read were mainly personal posts or posts which had a ‘real life’ connection.  This maybe because I’m nosey but hey, what’s the difference between that and watching a soap opera?!! Although I have always managed to sprinkle my mainly business based crafty blog with personal stories and photos,  I sometimes felt a little cheeky bothering you readers with what I did at the weekend or what I saw on holiday!  I have since come to the conclusion that all of these things add up to make me who I am and they often, directly or indirectly, influence my designs and products..............I am Tattered Rose and Tattered Rose is me......deep hey?!

So, getting to the point.....the results of the re-evaluation should be evident soon.  I have a couple of feature ideas up my sleeve and I will no longer hesitate to include news and pictures from life at Tatty Towers!
(I also always like to see a photo or two, no matter how loosely connected they are to the post, hence these images!)


  1. I think baby Heidi is stealing your post - She is scrumptious!
    Looking forward to continued reading..

  2. A nice idea to include a few personal details - makes for interesting reading ;)
    Look forward to reading more. x

  3. Thank you both- she's stolen a lot more than just my post! x