Saturday, 21 July 2012

Project wedding outfit!

Phew, after winding down from the Summer Market, re-stocking, packing and standing at a lovely little school fair last weekend – I finally have the time to finish a project that’s been in progress for a while!

I have a very special wedding coming up and I’m very excited!  I love weddings but haven’t really attended that many where I haven’t been a bridesmaid or a bride (bridesmaid 3 times, bride once!)  I absolutely LOVE dressing up and usually enjoy the whole ‘shopping for a new outfit’ trip. I say usually as things have changed slightly in the last 6 months and shopping with a baby in tow is difficult and stressful!  Everything takes twice as long as you have to find the lift, park up the pram, change the baby, feed the baby, remember not to leave the baby in the changing room (I didn’t, honest!) and not to mention the body shape issue (see previous post!)

Anyway, I finally found a dress – nothing like I would have usually gone for (strapless/gathered/ruched/layered/maybe above the knee) but a lovely 50’s shape fitted shift top with flared skirt and most definitely BELOW THE KNEE!...

It’s from John Lewis (got to love a pram friendly department store!) and features my favourite colour- coral- in the floral print!

I knew that the only possible answer to the ‘what shoes do I wear with it?’ question was – ‘the coral pair I’ve been eyeing up in Moda In Pelle’s window’......

Usually (I keep saying usually but in fact, what I mean is- before I became a Mummy!) buying shoes for an occasion such as a wedding meant buying a bag to match at the same time.  I soon realised there would be no point in a cute little clutch bag as I’d have no hand spare for a Heidi/pram/baby wipe/muslin/carrot stick situation.  So I didn’t purchase the extortionately priced (more than the shoes!) matching bag and decided I’d share Heidi’s bag (if there’s room) or rent a pocket from Mr B!

I’m finally getting round to the subject of the post.....

What do weddings call for.......? HEADWEAR!  And this is where I get super excited!
So looking at my dress, the logical colours to go for would be either: grey, turquoise or CORAL.  Funnily enough, I chose coral! This however happened to be one of the only colours of headwear not available in any shop.....anywhere!  That left only one option, I had to make my own and here are the ingredients.....

I have gone for a smartie base and I aim to do something loopy with the sinamay binding.  As for the flower, I’m undecided if I should include it or not........opinions welcome!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Decisions, decisions!

Firstly,  let me introduce this post.....It’s the first in a series where I plan to document, how and why I choose to wear my here we go with lots of fashion blogger style photos in mirrors....wish me luck! 

When a new idea or design pops into my head and I am unable to give in to the itching fingers any longer, one of the most exciting steps is choosing which colours to putting together.  I might have spoken before about how much I LOVE colour, my desk is often home to little piles of beads and charms selected in colour themes and awaiting construction!  I always choose one of any new design to keep for myself as I like to road test them before unveiling to the world!  This is always a difficult decision as I could quite easily keep them all and have a necklace for every hour of every day of every week for a very long time!  

When it came to choosing a birdcage necklace, I thought I’d go for one that I could wear with my beloved shirt...
A bit of background information on the shirt.........! This is one of the very first items of clothing that I bought after Heidi was born.  Why is that such a prominent thing you ask? Well, after little Heidi arrived I spent a long time wearing yoga trousers and maternity clothes (after a caesarean, comfort is key!) as my body slowly recovered I found I couldn’t (and probably never will) fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I am now a completely different body shape which requires a completely attitude to clothes..................BH (before Heidi) I wouldn’t have looked twice at this shirt in the shop but now, it fits, it flatters and I love it!

So, I had a decision to make! I narrowed it down to midnight blue or taupe.  

My first thought was blue but as I normally wear a blue vest top under the shirt and often pair it with my navy trousers, it may have been a blue overload!  I tried the taupe and I think it works well, not too matchy-matchy and it’s quite neutral so I’ll be able to wear it with other things too!

Wow, this is quite a long post, if you’re still reading, thanks for sticking with me!

Monday, 9 July 2012

A weekend review...

Well it was a busy one!  The Summer Market was held at The Roundhouse, Derby on Saturday.  It was the first event I’ve done since becoming a Mum and although it took lots of planning and preparation along with a few ‘how am I ever going to find time to make anything ever again’ moments, it was totally worth it!  I had a great day, it was wonderful to chat to fellow stall holders, meet the lovely visitors and see lots of familiar faces!

The newness went down a storm and the scarves.............well, it’s a good job I picked one for myself before the doors opened!

Here are some photos of my stand, as always I forgot to take photos of any other stands but take my word for it, everyone gone to great lengths to make sure their space was fabulous!

Huge thanks, as always go to my family, there is no way in the world I could have done any of it without their help and support!

Friday, 6 July 2012

More newness!

These necklaces are another new design that will be available at the Summer Market on Saturday.   This is just a quick pic, I’ve made some in various colour ways (including my personal favourite-coral!)  

It’s always been quite difficult to find coral coloured beads but recently I’ve come across a few during my vast searches for materials so I’ve snapped them up and decided to share them!  Coral has been my favourite colour for a while (and will be Heidi’s until she can tell me any different!)  anytime I see any clothes etc in coral I feel I need to purchase them – this has resulted in me now owning 3 (slightly different) coral cardigans!  I think I need to curb this ‘addiction’ soon though as it seems to be a very popular colour at the moment!

Anyway, back to the necklaces.....they have beautiful antiqued metal birdcage charms with a selection of co-ordinating beads and a metal rose detail.  I like to ‘road test’ each new design which gave me an idea for a new series of posts.....more on this soon!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Getting ready...

It’s all systems go for the SummerMarket this Saturday.  As I’m sure you are aware, I have some new pieces to take along with me (or at least I hope I will have, they have been very popular so far!)  It’s been a real mission trying to get things designed, made, priced, photographed and packed up ready (and I’m still not finished, talk about last minute!) with little miss Heidi in tow but thanks to my wonderful Mum and fantastic husband, I have (will have!) managed it.

To go alongside the new jewellery I have made, I have sourced some gorgeous scarves....

Shown above are a selection from 10 different designs and colours.  They are lightweight, printed with gorgeous floral patterns and finished with a lace tassle trim.

I hope they complement my jewellery pieces, I worked on the idea that I like them and would wear them (so much so, that I can’t decide which one to have myself!).  This is the first time I’ve bought in anything to go alongside my handmade items so we’ll see how they go!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

More bracelets....!

These bracelets are a mixed media effort, teaming metal chain with fabric and charms.  I was inspired by all of the fabulous bright colours that are in the shops (something has got to be bright at the moment because the weather certainly isn’t!) 

Jewellery has, and will always be, my first love but I specialised in textiles at college.  So along with beads and charms, I tend to hoard collect fabric too.  I can sometimes be found just staring at the Amy Butler fabrics in John Lewis...........they are all so pretty, I can never single out one to buy, I just want them all!

Anyway!......these bracelets will also me joining me at the Fabulous Places Summer Market this weekend!

Monday, 2 July 2012

The bracelets (part one!)

I think I mentioned these a while ago but finally, here are some pictures.....
These are a recent addition and have been developed partially due to the fact that now I have an increasingly grabby (made up word?) baby.  I can no longer wear my beloved dangly earrings or long beady necklaces in her presence so I have been looking for alternative adornments!

What do you think?  I love working with colour and I’ve created these in a few different colour ways with either antique brass or antique silver tone links and charms along with a co-ordinating beady decoration.  I think they look great on their own or with 2/3 worn together for a hippy/festival chic vibe!

The bracelets are one of a few new style pieces that I’ll be taking to the fabulous places Summer Market next week.