Thursday, 12 July 2012

Decisions, decisions!

Firstly,  let me introduce this post.....It’s the first in a series where I plan to document, how and why I choose to wear my here we go with lots of fashion blogger style photos in mirrors....wish me luck! 

When a new idea or design pops into my head and I am unable to give in to the itching fingers any longer, one of the most exciting steps is choosing which colours to putting together.  I might have spoken before about how much I LOVE colour, my desk is often home to little piles of beads and charms selected in colour themes and awaiting construction!  I always choose one of any new design to keep for myself as I like to road test them before unveiling to the world!  This is always a difficult decision as I could quite easily keep them all and have a necklace for every hour of every day of every week for a very long time!  

When it came to choosing a birdcage necklace, I thought I’d go for one that I could wear with my beloved shirt...
A bit of background information on the shirt.........! This is one of the very first items of clothing that I bought after Heidi was born.  Why is that such a prominent thing you ask? Well, after little Heidi arrived I spent a long time wearing yoga trousers and maternity clothes (after a caesarean, comfort is key!) as my body slowly recovered I found I couldn’t (and probably never will) fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I am now a completely different body shape which requires a completely attitude to clothes..................BH (before Heidi) I wouldn’t have looked twice at this shirt in the shop but now, it fits, it flatters and I love it!

So, I had a decision to make! I narrowed it down to midnight blue or taupe.  

My first thought was blue but as I normally wear a blue vest top under the shirt and often pair it with my navy trousers, it may have been a blue overload!  I tried the taupe and I think it works well, not too matchy-matchy and it’s quite neutral so I’ll be able to wear it with other things too!

Wow, this is quite a long post, if you’re still reading, thanks for sticking with me!

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