Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Getting ready...

It’s all systems go for the SummerMarket this Saturday.  As I’m sure you are aware, I have some new pieces to take along with me (or at least I hope I will have, they have been very popular so far!)  It’s been a real mission trying to get things designed, made, priced, photographed and packed up ready (and I’m still not finished, talk about last minute!) with little miss Heidi in tow but thanks to my wonderful Mum and fantastic husband, I have (will have!) managed it.

To go alongside the new jewellery I have made, I have sourced some gorgeous scarves....

Shown above are a selection from 10 different designs and colours.  They are lightweight, printed with gorgeous floral patterns and finished with a lace tassle trim.

I hope they complement my jewellery pieces, I worked on the idea that I like them and would wear them (so much so, that I can’t decide which one to have myself!).  This is the first time I’ve bought in anything to go alongside my handmade items so we’ll see how they go!

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  1. They truely are gorgeous. I'm sure they'll go down a storm on Saturday ;)