Saturday, 21 July 2012

Project wedding outfit!

Phew, after winding down from the Summer Market, re-stocking, packing and standing at a lovely little school fair last weekend – I finally have the time to finish a project that’s been in progress for a while!

I have a very special wedding coming up and I’m very excited!  I love weddings but haven’t really attended that many where I haven’t been a bridesmaid or a bride (bridesmaid 3 times, bride once!)  I absolutely LOVE dressing up and usually enjoy the whole ‘shopping for a new outfit’ trip. I say usually as things have changed slightly in the last 6 months and shopping with a baby in tow is difficult and stressful!  Everything takes twice as long as you have to find the lift, park up the pram, change the baby, feed the baby, remember not to leave the baby in the changing room (I didn’t, honest!) and not to mention the body shape issue (see previous post!)

Anyway, I finally found a dress – nothing like I would have usually gone for (strapless/gathered/ruched/layered/maybe above the knee) but a lovely 50’s shape fitted shift top with flared skirt and most definitely BELOW THE KNEE!...

It’s from John Lewis (got to love a pram friendly department store!) and features my favourite colour- coral- in the floral print!

I knew that the only possible answer to the ‘what shoes do I wear with it?’ question was – ‘the coral pair I’ve been eyeing up in Moda In Pelle’s window’......

Usually (I keep saying usually but in fact, what I mean is- before I became a Mummy!) buying shoes for an occasion such as a wedding meant buying a bag to match at the same time.  I soon realised there would be no point in a cute little clutch bag as I’d have no hand spare for a Heidi/pram/baby wipe/muslin/carrot stick situation.  So I didn’t purchase the extortionately priced (more than the shoes!) matching bag and decided I’d share Heidi’s bag (if there’s room) or rent a pocket from Mr B!

I’m finally getting round to the subject of the post.....

What do weddings call for.......? HEADWEAR!  And this is where I get super excited!
So looking at my dress, the logical colours to go for would be either: grey, turquoise or CORAL.  Funnily enough, I chose coral! This however happened to be one of the only colours of headwear not available in any shop.....anywhere!  That left only one option, I had to make my own and here are the ingredients.....

I have gone for a smartie base and I aim to do something loopy with the sinamay binding.  As for the flower, I’m undecided if I should include it or not........opinions welcome!

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  1. All looks fab - can't wait to see the finished article (and you dressed up in all your finery!!)
    Enjoy the day;-)