Sunday, 5 August 2012


So here is another new feature for the blog.....

I take an awful lot of photographs - fact!  Sometimes of important things, sometimes of pointless things, sometimes just for fun, sometimes set up and just sometimes I catch a fabulous moment which makes all of the time taken faffing around taking poinless photos worthwhile – I believe it’s all practice and I enjoy it!
 So here is a montage of photographs I took during the month of july...

It features a mixture of business and pleasure which kind of reflects my life at the moment!  Lots of Heidi finally wearing some summer clothes and being awake enough to enjoy the swings (nearly as much as Mummy!) Our adventures in weaning! Bits and bobs from the Tattered Rose jewellery collection that went down really well at the summer events and a sneak preview of some new things I’m working on ready for...........dare I say it..............Christmas!!

1 comment:

  1. Love this collage!! What a great idea.

    Look forward to seeing the next one.