Monday, 24 September 2012

A Cornish dream....

We’ve just arrived home from out first family holiday- an amazing week in the lovely St Ives.

Ever since I was at school, I’ve wanted to go to Cornwall (back then it was Newquay as that’s where my friend went on holiday and brought a Fat Willy’s pen back for me!)  Anyway, we decided on St Ives - it was highly recommended by many people so had a lot to live up to! Was the sea really that colour? Were the shops really so nice? Did I even like Cornish pasties?  - these were all questions I found myself asking-  well the answer to all of them is YES!....

I took many, many photographs (540!) but here are a few of my favourites...

I was totally inspired by this beautiful place and I can’t wait to add some St Ives magic to a collection of pendants for summer 2013!


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  2. Your photographs are stunning! Looks like a lovely holiday :) St Ives is my favourite place in the world, I'd love to see what pendants you come up with! x