Saturday, 6 October 2012

Vintage and Handcrafted...

This weekend is the Vintage and Handcrafted Fair at Southwell Garden Centre.  A new event for me but one I'm looking forward to!
I've managed to replenish some stock - including these brooch pins which always become popular at this time of year! (these few were done while Heidi was having an unusually long 45 minute nap - she must have known mummy was busy!)
Alongside my handmade jewellery (after the success of the last batch!) will be some more scarves, my favourites at the moment are these gorgeous snoods, they're lightweight with a beautiful vintage style floral print...
(I have lots more beautiful scarves and will share pictures soon!)

So fingers crossed for a lovely weekend, hope to see you there!


  1. Hope the weekend went well for you.
    Love the snood - such a pretty print!


  2. These are very nice art works created by you. I must say these cushion covers are very nicely created.long dress