Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hi there!

Blimey, it’s been a while! Please accept my apologies for the lack of posts, it’s getting to that wonderful time of year where things get rather busy!

I have quite a few events to look forward to (see details here)

My Tattered Rose Tea Party concept has been really well received; I’m really excited about these as there is always such a great atmosphere!

I had such grand plans for a number of new designs and products ready for the festive season but time is just too tight so these will be put on the back burner – something to concentrate on in the New Year!

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any new things to show off – I’ll be posting picture of new necklaces, bracelets and other pretty things as they make it off the work bench!

As a post isn’t really a post without a picture.....................here is a sneak peek of some newness..........!

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  1. Everything looks lovely.
    Best wishes for a successful Christmas season :)