Monday, 21 January 2013


Well right in the middle of all this snow, I’m getting stuck into some spring/summer pieces! It felt rather weird to start with as I’m used to working in the moment, heavily influenced by my surrounding but with having a child comes less working hours and a need to think and work ahead (Christmas in August will be the next challenge!)

Anyhow, I’m rather excited as the experiments I’ve been harping on about are coming together!  There are a few tweaks needed and some road testing to be done but I can’t keep it to myself any longer!

Here is what’s on the work table at the moment...

A beautiful, eclectic mix of fabric, lace and trimmings, combined to make a delicate, lightweight scarf.  Perfect for spring summer, I’m thinking to dress up/pretty up a vest, with a jersey maxi dress or just as a sweet shoulder cover up (with my English rose complexion, I need lots of these on sunny days and holidays!)

After the success of the scarves I ordered in last year I wanted to add to the range.  I’ll still have a range of handpicked bought in items but the handmade collection will hopefully provide something completely unique and exclusive.

I’ll share more when they’re finished and photographed properly.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Birthday Girl...

So I mentioned Heidi’s birthday in the last post.  We had a little ‘gathering’ at our home – little as we don’t have much space (but do have lots of friends and family!) I feel sorry for Heidi having a January birthday as it’s so close to Christmas so to compensate for this I wanted to make the house as non Christmassy as possible!

I, (along with lots of other people!) am a little obsessed with pinterest (follow me if you like -/tattyrach!) So I started a board a while back to gather some inspiration.  I had LOADS of ideas but found it impossible to do them all (I’ll save some for next year!) I did however achieve some of them....

Ribbon curtain....

 (don’t ask me what I’m going to do with a million cut lengths of ribbon now!) I’m really pleased with how this worked out.  I loathe the blinds we currently have in the conservatory but they proved very good for this particular idea! It took a while and didn’t serve any purpose other than to look pretty but it was totally worth it when Heidi saw all of the ribbons for the first time and was mesmerised!


I made some of these for her Christening so added some brighter coloured ones and a bargain honeycomb decoration from Paperchase and they looked fab grouped together.

Hanging sign...

I knew I wanted something to go on the door to welcome people and I loved the idea of a ruffled fabric wreath – however I just ran out of time so went for the simple hanging chalk board!

Photo 'timeline'...

I've taken a lot of photos of Heidi over the last year and I wanted to show how much she'd grown - from a tiny 5lb 8oz bundle to the sitting and crawling monkey she is today! I used some left over ribbon and cute little wooden pegs.

THE cake...

This was pretty important to me, I love cake and I also remember always having a fab cake for my own birthdays as a child! I had left things pretty late with being busy at Christmas but my dream came true! YummyLittle Cakes created the most fabulous cake for Heidi (as she did with Heidi’sChristening cake).  I had an idea of what I wanted and I knew Natalie would do a fantastic job...

The cute cupcakes were made by my Mum and sat in sweet little cases with ‘eat me’ and ‘yum yum’ signs (a kit from Hobbycraft)

So, everything came together pretty well for a last minute plan and Heidi had a great afternoon surrounded by family, her little friends and lots of toys!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Erm......Happy New Year?!

Hi, I‘m not sure if I’m still allowed to say that this far into the month?! 

Well Christmas was AMAZING, on a personal and professional level! I had lots of fairs booked, they all went really well and although I was pretty exhausted by the end, it was so worth it! 

New Year brought lovely things too, my baby girl turned one (I have if nothing else learnt that I need to be more organised next year – early January birthdays are difficult to plan between Christmas and New Year!) I can’t believe how quickly the last 12 months have gone, this time last year I didn’t know what day it was and creating was the last thing on my mind – I sometimes wondered how I would ever get to make anything again! Fast forward a year and although it’s tough and I’ve had to completely change the way I work, I am able to carry on making!

I have lots planned for 2013, as always! I do start off with lots of ideas and they usually gradually shrink as I realise they’re not going to work or my experiments go wrong! This year though, I’m pleased to say that early experiments are going well and fingers crossed there will be some interesting things to show you soon!

So, as promised - In order to make room for this newness I have put some of the lovely scarves I have on SALE.  You can find them HERE on the website or in the ‘SALE’ album on my facebook page.  If you would like anymore information feel free to get in touch –
Above is the Rachel scarf in Mauve, was £10.00 NOW £8.00 (+ £3.95 p&p) more info here!