Monday, 21 January 2013


Well right in the middle of all this snow, I’m getting stuck into some spring/summer pieces! It felt rather weird to start with as I’m used to working in the moment, heavily influenced by my surrounding but with having a child comes less working hours and a need to think and work ahead (Christmas in August will be the next challenge!)

Anyhow, I’m rather excited as the experiments I’ve been harping on about are coming together!  There are a few tweaks needed and some road testing to be done but I can’t keep it to myself any longer!

Here is what’s on the work table at the moment...

A beautiful, eclectic mix of fabric, lace and trimmings, combined to make a delicate, lightweight scarf.  Perfect for spring summer, I’m thinking to dress up/pretty up a vest, with a jersey maxi dress or just as a sweet shoulder cover up (with my English rose complexion, I need lots of these on sunny days and holidays!)

After the success of the scarves I ordered in last year I wanted to add to the range.  I’ll still have a range of handpicked bought in items but the handmade collection will hopefully provide something completely unique and exclusive.

I’ll share more when they’re finished and photographed properly.

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  1. Exciting stuff.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished article(s)!!