Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Spring Fair 2013

So off I went to the Spring Fair trade show - armed with my heavily researched list of stands to visit, notepad and pen!  I stuck to just a couple of halls – for anyone not familiar with this event, it’s huge! Luckily for me there was a specialist jewellery fair on too next door – bonus!  

I was overwhelmed with all of the things on display! There was so much to look at - with something to see at every turn.  I quickly ticked off the must see stands from my list and then had a wander around the rest of the fair.  I was pleased to time things right and be able to see one of the catwalk shows – a specific accessory trends show.  I was interested to see how accessories would be presented on a catwalk as they are often there to support the main event not to be the stars of the show – I was very impressed and enjoyed seeing lots of beautiful things!  I was even more impressed that they finished the show with a selection of looks that featured pastel shades with a vintage edge, just what I’ve been working on myself!

Oh, and I also managed to listen to a Q & A session with Kirsty Allsopp -  I knew she was at the fair on that day but I didn't think I could make any of the things she featured in due to time - so when I walked around the corner and saw her chatting away I stayed to listen - and very interesting it was too! 

I left the fair with my head bursting with ideas and information, there was so much colour and inspiration everywhere!

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  1. Sounds like a good day out. Looking forward to seeing your new range.